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May 1, Thursday - 7 PM
MCA San Diego - Downtown
1001 Kettner Blvd. at Broadway
Thursday Night Thing
All Ages
Free ($3 suggested donation)
May 2, Friday - 8PM
La Antigua Bodega de Papel
Calle 11, between Revolución and Madero
Tijuana, B.C.

Trummerflora, or rubble plants and trees, are a special phenomenon unique to heavily bombed urban areas. The bomb acts as a plow, mixing rubble fragments with the earth which often contain seeds dormant for a century or more. These seeds come to light and those that can live in this new and special earth grow and flourish.

The Trummerflora Collective is an independent group of musicmakers dedicated to experimental and improvisative musics. The collective embraces the pluralistic nature of creative music as an important means of artistic expression for the individual and the community, and provides an atmosphere that nurtures the creative development of its member artists.

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Spring Reverb. Emerge from the rubble. Thanks for listening.

Trummerflora presents the 2nd Annual Spring Reverb, a festival of original music and art. Performers from Japan, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. come together for this celebration of creative culture.

These musicmakers represent a fascinating international subculture of genre-bending aesthetic risk-takers pushing the limits of the musical imagination. Each with a unique approach, these artists are unbound by any unifying philosophy, no dogma, simply a commitment to musical exploration, artistic freedom and the creative process.

At the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, creative music workshops, visuals and dance will open up the possibilities even further during this intense, multi-stage, all-ages event.

The following night at La Antigua Bodega de Papel in Tijuana will uncover new configurations as the artists collaborate, combine and invent in a more intimate setting.

Many of the performers will be making their Left Coast debut at Spring Reverb, so this is sure to be a very special Spring festival.


Eugene Chadbourne (North Carolina)
Haco (Japan)
Emily Hay (Los Angeles)
Bill Horist (Seattle)
Jeff Kaiser (Ventura)
Nequaquam Vacuum (Portland)
Plankton Man (Mexico)
Jakob Riis (Denmark)
Pamela Z (San Francisco)
Trummerflora Collective (San Diego)
    Lisle Ellis
    Marcos Fernandes
    Hans Fjellestad
    Damon Holzborn
    Nathan Hubbard
    Robert Montoya
    Joscha Oetz
    Marcelo Radulovich
    Jason Robinson
    Ellen Weller
Lower Left (San Diego)
Head On Off (Boston/Mexico)

Visual Art

Itzel M. Del Cañizo (Mexico)
Ivan Diaz Robledo (Mexico)
Lisle Ellis (San Diego/San Francisco)
Hans Fjellestad (San Diego)
Marcelo Radulovich (Chile)
Andrew West (New York)
Gerardo Yépiz (Mexico)

Creative Music Workshops at MCASD

Presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and the Trummerflora Collective

We are thrilled to introduce an educational component to this year's Spring Reverb. San Diego-area elementary through high school music programs are invited to take part in an extraordinary and exciting music workshop that demonstrates current directions in creative new music. The workshop presentations will feature an international assortment of cutting edge artists explaining various approaches to improvised, electronic, and multi-media music. The presentations will be specially tailored for elementary through high school-aged students, and will include components about improvisation, electronic music, homemade instrument building and experimental video. A high priority will be placed on answering questions and interaction between audience and presenters.

The 45-minute workshop presentations will take place on Wednesday, April 30th, at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego's Downtown location. Three separate presentations are currently scheduled- 10am, 11:30am, and 1pm. Please contact McLean Johnston at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego for more information (858.454.3541 x151

Workshop Participants:
Jason Robinson: Trummerflora and Spring Reverb introduction
Jeff Kaiser: improvisation and trumpet
Nathan Hubbard: home-made instruments
Lisle Ellis: electronic music
Ivan Diaz Robledo: live video


Marcos Fernandes: co-artistic director/artist coordinator
Hans Fjellestad: co-artistic director/visuals curator
Jason Robinson: education director
Nathan Hubbard: assistant workshop coordinator
Robert Montoya: technical director/stage manager
Damon Holzborn: web design/dance curator
Marcelo Radulovich: graphic art and design
Ivan Diaz Robledo: live video coordinator
Ellen Weller: corporate sponsors coordinator
Bonnie Wright/Spruce Street Forum: fiscal coordinator/consultant

Rachel Teagle: downtown curator
Laurie Chambliss: pr and marketing coordinator
Mclean Johnston: education programs assistant


Danah Fayman
Owen and Nancy Holzborn
Fernando and Luz Maria Marván
Gayle McInnis
Thomas Nee
Sid Shapiro, CPA


Accretions Records
Circumvention Records
Custom Printing
Fleishman Hillard (MCASD TNT Series)
Karl Strauss Breweries (MCASD TNT Series)
Living Room
Lou's Records
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Red Army Vodka (MCASD TNT Series)
Spruce Street Forum
Toko, Antiquities of the Orient
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