Spring Reverb 2004

May 6, Thursday - 7 PM
MCA San Diego - Downtown
1001 Kettner Blvd. at Broadway
Thursday Night Thing
All Ages
Free ($3 suggested donation)
May 7, Friday - 8PM
La Antigua Bodega de Papel
Calle 11, between Revolución and Madero
Tijuana, B.C.

Trummerflora, or rubble plants and trees, are a special phenomenon unique to heavily bombed urban areas. The bomb acts as a plow, mixing rubble fragments with the earth which often contain seeds dormant for a century or more. These seeds come to light and those that can live in this new and special earth grow and flourish.

The Trummerflora Collective is an independent group of music makers that embraces the pluralistic nature of creative music as an important means of artistic expression for the individual and the community, and provides an atmosphere that nurtures the creative development of its members.

Contact rubble@trummerflora.com
for more information or to be notified when more details are available.

Spring Reverb. Emerge from the rubble. Thanks for listening.

Trummerflora Collective presents the 3rd Annual Spring Reverb, a festival of original music, dance, and visual art. Performers from Britain, Japan, Mexico, and the US come together for this celebration of creativity. The performances and a visual arts exhibit (including video) will be held at the Museum of Art Downtown on Thursday, May 6th and Friday, May 7th at La Antigua Bodega de Papel in Tijuana, Mexico. Creative music workshops will be held on Wednesday, May 5th.

These musicians and artists represent a fascinating international culture of aesthetic risk-takers who push the limits of their imagination (and ours). Each has a unique approach unfettered by any unifying philosophy - no dogmas, simply a commitment to artistic exploration, freedom, and the creative process.

Trummerflora continues to explore the theme of collaboration by hosting numerous improvisatory interactions between the collective and their invited guest artists during Spring Reverb '04. They will also expand their work with visual arts, dj's, and dancers. Spring Reverb is an example of this as shown in the roster of performers below. This year the festival and artist interviews will be broadcast and webcast live by KFJC. Visit www.kfjc.org to tune in on the day of the show.

Artist bios and photos available here.

Be a Sponsor

Looking to support Spring Reverb? Your tax deductable donations are appreciated. To send a donation print and mail this form (Adobe Acrobat format) or contact Ellen Weller.


Money Mark
Carla Kihlstedt and Two Foot Yard
Lesli Dalaba with Guests
Ernesto Diaz-Infante/Marcos Fernandes/
   Robert Montoya/Rent Romus
Nathan hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra
   with Vinny Golia
DJ Ejival
Titicacaman with Quibble
John Butcher/Gino Robair
Takashi Kojima
Nina Eidsheim and soNu
DJ Tenshun

Lower Left

Live Video Art
Adriana Trujillo (yonkeART)
VJ Genérico (Generic Pictures)
VJ Mashaka (Operativo)
VJ Nébula ( yonkeART)
VJ Piniaman (yonkeart)
VJ Pixel (yonkeART)
Visual Art

Shashana Chittle
Joelle Dietrick
Katie Herzog
Malisa Humphrey
Michael Podolak
Ed Porter
Andrew West
Gerardo Yépiz/Acamonchi


Overnight accomodations at a discounted rate are available for May 6th and May 7th through a partnership with the HI-San Diego Downtown Hostel (the Metropolitan), which is a 10-15 minute walk to the Museum of Contemporary Art. For reservations, contact the hostel directly and mention the Spring Reverb:

HI-San Diego Downtown
Manager: Gustavo Torres
521 Market Street
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 525-1531


Marcos Fernandes: co-artistic director/artist coordinator
Ellen Weller: co-artistic director/corporate sponsors coordinator
Damon Holzborn: co-artistic director/web design/dance curator
Nathan Hubbard: co-artistic director/education workshop director
Alicia Marván: program design
Robert Montoya: technical director/stage manager
Al Scholl: technical director/stage manager
Marcelo Radulovich: graphic art and design
Andrew West: visuals coordinator
Adriana Trujillo: live video coordinator
Bonnie Wright/Spruce Street Forum: fiscal coordinator/consultant

Tracy Steel: curatorial coordinator
Laurie Chambliss: pr and marketing coordinator
Monica Garza: education curator Michael Scheer: production manager
Lauren Popp: education administrative assistant


Amilien Antic
Castor and Pollux Music
Circumvention Music
Dualtone Automotive
El Tesoro Tequila
Hit Single Recording Services
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Carol Plantamura
Proxy Studios
San Diego CityBeat
Chester Shans and Trish Waneka
Spruce Street Forum
Stone Brewing Company
Zu Casa