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Roger Aplon

roger_aplon_sm.jpg Roger Aplon has published eight collections of poetry & one of prose. For the past seven years or so, he's been living in Barcelona, Spain but returned to the San Diego area this fall. He occasionally reads his work with members of the Trummerflora Collective.


Joe Baiza

joe_baiza_sm.jpg Joe started playing guitar when he was 26. According to Richard Meltzer though, he's been eating sound for breakfast since 1970. Joe cofounded Saccharine Trust with Jack Brewer in 1980 and went on to play for six years with this band. Following that, he went on to form the Universal Congress Of and also the Mecolodiacs. Joe now has the Joe Baiza Congress Of in session. In 1996 Joe and Jack got back together to reunite Saccharine Trust. Joe can be found hanging out until last call almost always.


Farhad Bahrami

Born to Iranian parents in West Virginia, Farhad Bahrami started life tottering between two very different cultures. Educated in England, Iran, and America, Farhad has a unique and diverse perspective on music and culture. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's in Music. Farhad composes, plays guitar and tar, and is a founding member of Dornob, a music group now spanning two generations, whose goals include friendship, crossing cultural bridges, having fun learning and playing Persian music, and making Persian music accessible to young and non-Iranian audiences. He has also been active in the San Diego cultural community for many years, serving on the board of the Persian Cultural Center, and currently as Vice-President of the Center for World Music, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to foster awareness and understanding of the world's performing arts traditions through programs of performance, teaching, and travel. Farhad is married with two sons, 18 and 22. He works as a software specialist in the telecommunications field, and also teaches an introductory class in world music at community college level.



Borborygmus first rumbled onto the San Diego music scene at the dawn of the millenium as the performing unit of the newly formed Trummerflora collective. The ensemble's energetic live performances can be heard on "No Stars Please" (2001 Accretions). The Wire described it as "collective improvising: a pool of players immersed in the unfolding of a continuous present, egos submerged in the sound stream. The stream's currents tug towards free jazz, the extremities of rock, the 20th century chamber avant garde and electroacoustic strangeness." Though active only for about a year, the group's rumbling effects can be heard on many of Trummerflora's consewquent releases. After nearly five years, Borborygmus reared its multitudinous head once again at Spring Reverb '06 to cast forth the gurgles and growls from the belly of the musical underground.

Anthony Burr

Anthony Burr has worked across a broad spectrum of the contemporary musical landscape with groups and artists including: Alvin Lucier, Jim O'Rourke, John Zorn, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Laurie Anderson and many others. Ongoing projects include a duo with Icelandic bassist/composer Skli Sverrisson, The Clarinets (a trio with Chris Speed and Oscar Noriega), a series of recordings with cellist Charles Curtis and a series of live film/music performances with experimental filmmaker Jennifer Reeves. As a composer he has specialized in the creation of epic scale mixed media pieces, most notably Biospheria: An Environmental Opera, created with artist Steve Ausbury in response to Biosphere 2. It was performed in San Diego in 2001, and sections were mounted in archive form as part of the cinematexas festival in 2003. Another project of this ilk was The Mizler Society, a burlesque on early modern music theory, J.S Bach and the Art of Fugue, which he created with John Rodgers and was presented by the Australian Art Orchestra at the Melbourne Museum in 2002. He has produced and/or engineered eecords for La Monte Young, Charles Curtis, Skli Sverrisson, Ted Reichman and many others. Upcoming releases include a new Anthony Burr/Skli Sverrisson double CD with guest vocalists Yungchen Lamo and Arto Lindsay, and a recording of Morton Feldman's Clarinet and String Quartet. He was recently appointed Assistant Professor of Music at the University of California, San Diego.


Michael Dessen

michael_dessen_sm.jpg Michael Dessen is a composer-improviser who performs on the slide trombone and computer. Drawing on experience across a wide range of contemporary forms, he creates his own unique blend of music and collaborates with some of today's most exciting innovators. In the Michael Dessen Trio, he performs on trombone and laptop, along with Tyshawn Sorey on drums and Christopher Tordini on bass, and he is also a member of the collectively-run Cosmologic quartet. Upcoming releases in Spring 2008 include Between Shadow and Space by the MD Trio on Clean Feed Records, and Eyes In The Back Of My Head by Cosmologic on Cuneiform Records. Dessen has performed or recorded with Yusef Lateef, Mark Dresser, Shahrokh Yadegari, Adam Rudolph, Dana Reason, J.D. Parran, Vijay Iyer, Marianne Trudel, Marcos Fernandes, Marcelo Radulovich, Marty Ehrlich, Terry Jenoure, Nathan Hubbard, Jason Robinson and many others. He has also published articles on contemporary music, and is a core faculty member in the Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology program at the University of California, Irvine.


DJ Tenshun



donkey_sm.jpg Donkey are LA synth player Hans Fjellestad and NYC sound manipulator Damon Holzborn, building stubborn noise structures since 1991.

"Donkey nurture the spontaneity, the improvisation, the need to force out some fresh abomination, that marks the best of the scene."
- The Wire

"Noisy, occasionally brutal, this is not a Merzbow-esque assault. There is pace, tension and most of all invention."
- All-Music Guide

"A new sonic horizon, and booga to the "Oh, electronic music! It's so cold! So unfeeling! Waah!" crowd, the excitement that the interchange of creativity and challenge these two are engaged in fairly leaps into your ear."
- Signal to Noise


Marcos Fernandes

marcos_fernandes_sm.jpg Born in Yokohama, Japan, Marcos Fernandes has long been active in San Diego as performer, producer and curator. He has performed in Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada and the US as a solo improviser, phonographer and as percussionist/sound artist with various ensembles. Fernandes runs the artist-based independent label Accretions,home to some of today's more innovative experimentalists. He is a founding member of the Trummerflora collective, dedicated to creative music in Southern California. Fernandes' recordings have appeared on Accretions, Bake/Staalplaat, Circumvention, Pan Handler, Pax, Pfmentum, Phonography.org, Public Eyesore, Ribosome and Solitary B.


Hans Fjellestad

hans_fjellestad_sm.jpg Los Angeles musician and filmmaker Hans Fjellestad tours and records extensively as a solo artist and in collaboration with numerous players on the experimental music scene in over a dozen countries. A "mad scientist improviser" (International DJ Magazine) and "master of analogue synthesis" (The Wire), his music has been described as "unbridled sonic freedom... raw, almost shamanic energy that embodies the true essence of unrestricted music" (XLR8R). As filmmaker, Hans directed the feature documentaries Frontier Life (2002) and Moog (2004).


Curtis Glatter

curtis_glatter_sm.jpg Curtis Glatter is an American composer, improviser and percussionist born on February 20, 1972. Glatter was raised in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and began performing at the age of eight. In 2000, Glatter graduated with a B.A. in Music Composition from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. In the past ten years, members of the Trummerflora Collective, Detroit Symphony, Pontiac Oakland Symphony and Camarada Ensemble have premiered his compositions. Glatter relocated to study in Vienna in 1999 and later the following year he was invited to study at Carnegie Hall. He has studied composition as well as classical and African percussion techniques at Henry Ford Community College, Interlochen Arts Academy and Oakland University thus affording him the luxury to utilize a wide variety of possibilities when composing or improvising. Glatter is currently a living in Southern California and remains an active member ASCAP, a member of the TRUMMERFLORA COLLECTIVE, Founder and Co-Artistic Director for the new music concert series NEW SOUNDS DOWNTOWN in San Diego, California, a composer/performer in Glatter/Hubbard, a member of both Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra and the splinter group Skeleton Key Percussion Ensemble, an affiliated member of the Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers and a writer for the San Diego New Music Newsletter.



glatter_hubbard_sm.jpg Glatter/Hubbard is the collaborative ensemble of composers/percussionists/electronic musicians Curtis Glatter and Nathan Hubbard. The duo began in 2001 when Glatter moved from Detroit Michigan to San Diego California. The main focus of their work involves new music for silent films and the duo has presented a series of concerts and a CD documenting this music. Glatter/Hubbards pieces are collaboratively composed, using percussion, sampled material, electronics and voice. They also work in a free improvisation context, both as a duo and in collaborations with percussionists Marcos Fernandes, Nate Atwood and James Burton, woodwind players Ellen Weller and Jason Robinson and turntablist Jon Calzo. The Glatter/Hubbard Duo also works together in larger contexts like the Skeleton Key Percussion Ensemble, Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra, the quartet Troikastra and Glatters large improvising collective Ensemble Pacifique. Both Glatter and Hubbard are members of the Trummerflora Collective, a musicians collective dedicated to the support and promotion of experimental improvised music.


Damon Holzborn

damon_holzborn_sm.jpg Damon Holzborn is an improviser and composer working primarily with electronics. His performances make the familiar unrecognizable, manipulating sound sources such as guitar and field recordings with custom instruments, effects and interactive processes. Currently pursuing his doctoral degree in composition at Columbia University, Holzborn has presented his work in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, South Africa and Japan and has collaborated with many innovative musicians and dancers.


Nathan Hubbard

nathan_hubbard_sm.jpg Percussionist/Composer/Instrument Builder Nathan Hubbard works in many different fields, but in general his work shows a decided interest in exploring the possibilities of sound and embracing the passing of time. This interest in sound can be seen in everything from his extended sound language as an improvisor to his homemade and found instruments. The different rates of passing time become relevant as both a rhythmic impetus and defining element in his compositions and their changing definitions of form, shape and outcome. Musically his explorations range from solo improvisations through small group collaborations to large scale compositions for his twenty-six member large ensemble, Skeleton Key Orchestra. As a composer his works range from solo pieces to medium scale works for a variety of ensembles, works for tape, electronics and acoustic instruments, large works for orchestras, creative orchestras and traditional big bands as well as pieces involving text, voice and other media. In the last several years Hubbard has been more involved with musical situations incorporating acoustics, enviroments and field recordings. His work as an artist can be seen on several of his CD covers and his work as an engineer and producer can be heard on almost all of his recordings. His current projects include solo performances, collaborations with Noah Phillips and Curtis Glatter (Glatter/Hubbard), ARC Trio, and Cosmologic, as well as leading his own trio (Nathan Hubbard Trio), chamber quintet (Nathan Hubbard/Everything After), octet (Nathan Hubbard Octet) and the large ensemble Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra. In addition to all this work, Hubbard has performed and/or recorded with artists such as Roger Aplon, Martin Blume, David Borgo, Castanets, Alex Cline, Anthony Davis, Michael Dessen,Brad Dutz, Harris Eisenstadt, Justin Grinnell, Vinny Golia, Phillip Greenlief, Rick Helzer, Mike Keneally, Steuart Liebig, George Lewis, Doug Lunn, Noah Phillips, Garth Powell, Jason Robinson, Tim Root, Jim Ryan, Moe! Staiano, GE Stinson, Kris Tiner, Bertram Turetzky, Phillip Wachsmann and Scott Walton. A long time ago Hubbard played one tune on congas w/ Clay Walker. Even longer ago he played shaker with Nestor Torres. They were both not that nice and Hubbard has refused to talk about it since. Hubbard is a member of the Trummerflora Collective.


Jeff Kaiser

jeff_kaiser_sm.jpg Jeff Kaiser is a vegan and plays entirely too much chess on the internet. He is a big fan of yoga and green tea, as well as cigars and scotch. He also plays the quarter-tone trumpet with software he has developed using Max/MSP. Jeff has performed with many groups from the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble to his own band, the Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet. He performs all over the place, including for the big screen, the little screen and other...erm...screens.


robert m

robert m has been active in the San Diego music scene for the past two decades as a percussionist, improviser and sound artist. In recent years, his work has focused on sample-based electronic music, creating complex, subtly-evolving soundscapes which can be heard on his eponymous solo release on the Accretions label and in his ensemble projects: Wormhole with long-time collaborator Marcos Fernandes and mrlectronic with Lisle Ellis and Fernandes. He is a founding member of Trummerflora, a musician's collective dedicated to creative music. A Tijuana native, he has performed in Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico and the U.S. He has performed and/or recorded with members of Trummerflora, the Nortec Collective, George Lewis, Le Quan Ninh, Mike Keneally, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Rent Romus, Eric Glick Rieman, Michael Dessen, David Gould, Scott R. Looney and Ultra 7. http://www.myspace.com/robertm2006


$.99 Dreams

$.99 Dreams records all sounds live (no sequences, samples, or edits)
Matt Crane, drums, percussion, synth
Adam Diller, production, sax, synth, clarinets, percussion

$.99 Dreams was formed in Brooklyn in 2007 by drummer Matt Crane and saxophonist, synth player Adam Diller. The $.99 Dreams apply their skills as jazz musicians to a sound inspired by hip-hop, creating music with the feel of a jazz quartet and the impact of a hip-hop production. They build their music from simple rhythms, using the tension between parts to push a concept influenced by musicians such as J Dilla, Sun Ra, Showbiz, Duke Ellington, and Edgar Varese.

http://www.ninetyninecentdreams.com/ http://www.myspace.com/ninetyninecentdreams

Phog Masheen

phog_masheeen_sm.jpg Using tools that were marketed to pre-depression era musicians, phog masheeen creates an audio link to Verne's Nautilus. The springs, valves and pipe of a trumpet make quite a statement when amplified by means of contact microphones and condenser microphones small enough to fit in the tubing of the horn. Sounds of rushing hot air, clanking metal and vibrating springs are all revealed to have an important say in the sound of the instrument. As one might imagine the sounds might be aboard a steam era vessel. Harsh, metallic and piercing. A cross between an engine room and an auto shop.

Perhaps an engine room with a reflective side....perhaps.


Toni Pope

toni_pope_sm.jpg Defying convention is common among "break-out" artist...singers and musicians who make quantum leaps into a virtual "twilight zone" of harmony and resonance, but once in a great while, an unconventional artist's work is so profound that connoisseurs of the truly different worldwide sit up and take notice. Toni Pope is such an artist! Toni Pope is an amazing vocal artist and sound healer who invokes sounds ranging from Tuvan throatsingers to Tibetan monks. She began her career in San Francisco and met with larger audiences in Europe, playing large halls and Berlin's Philharmonic. While in India she experienced night-long meditations in the caves of the Siddha sound yogis. Friends and associates describe the youthful Toni as an "old and gentle soul" who channels ancient harmonics from the deepest part of her being. Toni continues to perform a limited number of concerts annually but has lately turned her attention to the art of healing...or "vocal tone and meditative sound therapy. - Dave Powers 2007


Rat's Nest

Rats Nest isSam Lopez,Mandy Galarza,Nathan Hubbard.


Rent Romus' Lords of Outland

Rent Romus is a force spanning over twenty years of creative improvised music. He is the current director and producer of Edgetone Records, curator of the Luggage Store Gallery Series, and the SIMM Music Series at the Studio 6 Musicians Union Hall, both located in San Francisco. Romus also runs a new music distribution network for independent artist run record labels called UIRC (Ultra Independent Recording Coalition) currently available online as well as the Artistic Director of the Outsound Presents...The Edgetone Music Summit, a national music festival held in the greater San Francisco Bay Area every summer.

From his very beginnings as a student of Jazz, studying under the tutelage of Stan Getz, Bruce Foreman, Dizzy Gillespie, Mel Martin, and drummer Eddie Moore he found himself drawn to the outer realms of music. In 1986 at the age of 16 he founded the progressive jazz sextet Jazz On the Line, as a vehicle for his original compositions. They produced several projects,

including In the Moment with Chico Freeman in 1992. In 1997 Romus had the honor of recording with tenor sax master John Tchicai. Tchicai is best known for his work with the NY Art Quartet, NY Ear and Eye Control, and his recordings with John Coltrane and Albert Ayler.

Since then Romus' ongoing free improvisational/experimental project the Lords of Outland have mutated through many incarnations. Most recent they have included collaborations with drummer Philip Everett, bassist Ray Schaeffer (of Tri-Cornered-Tent-Show), and noise artist C.J. Reven Borosque, as well as free-jazz legend Jim Ryan etc. He is also founding member of The Abstractions, who released three recordings during their time together. Although his past is in jazz, he has expanded into other realms of improvisation and sound exploration, including electroacoustic instruments. His fascination for experimental music is cross-genre and all encompassing.


Wadada Leo Smith

wadada_leo_smith_sm.jpg ISHMAEL WADADA LEO SMITH trumpet-player, multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser has been active in the creative contemporary world music for over thirty years. His theory of Jazz and World music was significant in his music development as an artist and educator.

As an Improvisor-Composer, Smith has studied a variety of music cultures (African, Japanese, Indonesian, European and American) and has developed a Jazz and world music theory, and a notation system to fully express this music which he calls "Ankhrasmation".

He has taught at the University of New Haven 1975-'76, the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, NY. 1975-'78, and Bard College 1987-'93. He is currently a professor of Music at the California Institute of the Arts, and is the director of the MFA program in African American Improvisation. He is a member of ASCAP Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians.


Chris Vannoy

chris_vannoy_sm.jpg Chris Vannoy is a local poet and artist that hosts "The DrunkPoet Society" atWinston's in Ocean Beach.

Scott Walton

scott_walton_sm.jpg Scott Walton (bassist & pianist) is a member of the Trummerflora Collective. He has been premiering new piano music by David Lipten and David Durant, and is featured on recent CD releases by Nathan Hubbard (Compositions 1998-2005), Cosmologic (iii), the Vinny Golia Quintet (One, Three, Two), and O'Keefe, Stanyek, Walton, Whitehead (Tunnel).


Ellen Weller

ellen_weller_sm.jpg Multi-winds/Pianist/Ethnomusicologist/Improvisor/Composer Ellen Weller divides her musical performance activities between improvisation, jazz, klezmer and classical music. An active member of San Diego's Trummerflora Collective ( www.trummerflora.com ) and one of the original members of Maiden Voyage, an all-female big band out of Los Angeles, Weller has performed with George Lewis, Vinny Golia, Lisle Ellis, Anthony Davis, Muhal Richard Abrams, Jason Robinson, Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra, Lesli Dalaba, Carla Kihlstadt, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Hans Fjellestadt, Vanessa Tomlinson, Marcos Fernandes, Michael Dessen, Michael Friedman, Second Avenue Klezmer Ensemble and the Weller Family Jazz Quartet. She has recently appeared at several festivals, including the SF Alt Festival, the Spring Reverb 04 (San Diego), and the Big Sur Sound Shift. Her compositions have been performed in New York, Detroit, San Diego and Los Angeles, and include music for the 1996 UCSD revival production of Terminal directed by Joseph Chaiken.

Ellen received her Masters in Music Composition from Queens College of the City University of New York and the Ph.D. in music (Critical Studies and Experimental Practices) from the University of California San Diego. She has taught music at all levels, from kindergarten through college, currently teaching World Music courses and a course she designed entitled "The Music of War: Patriotism, Propaganda and Protest" at the University of California, San Diego. Her past research has focused on multicultural performance in San Diego, public arts funding and cultural tourism.



wormhole_sm.jpg Wormhole began in 1994 as an improvisational vehicle for the duo of percussionists Marcos Fernandes and Robert Montoya. More than a decade later, after numerous reincarnations, Wormhole continues its mission of creating globally-informed experimental music. The current line-up including Nathan Hubbard on percussion, Ellen Weller on woodwinds and Burnett Anderson on trumpet is augmented by guest collaborators Roger Aplon (spoken word), Farhad Bahrami (tar) and Toni Pope (voice) for Spring Reverb '08.