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8th Annual Festival of Creative Music, Dance and Art
create + bloom + flourish

  Participating Artists:
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  Roger Aplon
  Author and Punisher
  Lisle Ellis (NYC)
  Hans Fjellestad (LA)
  Curtis Glatter (Detroit)
  Half Monk (LA)
  Nathan Hubbard/Everything After
  David Hurley
  Steuart Liebig/The Mentones (LA)
  Samuel Lopez
  Robert M
  Jim McAuley (LA)
  Moment Trigger (LA)
  Toni Pope
  Marcelo Radulovich
  DJ Tenshun
  Bert Turetzky
  Scott Walton
  Ellen Weller


  Marcos Fernandes (Japan)
  Hans Fjellestad (LA)
  Curtis Glatter (Detroit)
  Damon Holzborn (NYC)
  Nathan Hubbard
  James Ilgenfritz (NYC)
  Samuel Lopez
  Robert Montoya
  Joscha Oetz (Peru)
  Marcelo Radulovich
  Jason Robinson (MA)
  Al Scholl (CO)
  Scott Walton
  Ellen Weller

Trummerflora presents the 8th Annual Spring Reverb, a festival of creative original music. Performers from across the US come together for this celebration of creativity. Performances will span across the wide vista of creative music, from the outer limits of jazz, free jazz and free improvisation, to underground hiphop, electro-acoustic music, noise, and beyond. The performances will be held at Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad on Friday, April 3rd, at Kava Lounge Gallery in San Diego on Saturday, April 4th, and at Soda Bar in San Diego on Sunday April 5th. Trummerflora continues to explore the theme of collaboration by hosting numerous improvisatory interactions between the collective and their invited guest artists during Spring Reverb '09.


Friday, April 3rd, 8pm
Museum of Making Music
5790 Armada Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Tel: 760-438-5996
Fax: 760-438-8964
All ages

Saturday, April 4th, 2pm
Kava Lounge Gallery
2804 Kettner Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101
$10 general / $8 students
All ages.

Sunday, April 5th, 8pm
Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104

Spring Reverb 09 is made possible through the support of:
Museum of Making Music
Kava Lounge Gallery
Soda Bar
Castor & Pollux Music
Circumvention Music

The Trummerflora Collective is an independent group of music makers that embraces the pluralistic nature of creative music as an important means of artistic expression for the individual and the community, and provides an atmosphere that nurtures the creative development of its members.

"Trummerflora, or rubble plants and trees, are a special phenomenon unique to heavily bombed urban areas. The bomb acts as a plow, mixing rubble fragments with the earth which often contain seeds dormant for a century or more. These seeds come to light and those that can live in this new and special earth grow and flourish."
- Helen and Newton Harrison

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